Now this is the story all about how
My life became public on the world wide web
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit in your computer chair
I’ll tell you how I started this blog called Megan Spotted

In Cincinnati, Ohio born and raised
On the crafting table is where I spent most of my days
Making friendship bracelets, cutting and pasting
It was an ideal childhood filled with not much time wasted

I grew up living a life that was ordinary
Knowing that one day I would do something extraordinary
Following the rules and never straying far from the line
This life was all good and fine

Well, life moved on and I graduated college
Got a teaching job and then one in alumni relations
Met a guy and soon became a Mrs.
But still wanted a place to share all my love, laughter, hits and misses

I pulled up to the computer desk about 6 or 7
And I thought to myself “Yo you can do this”
I looked at the screen
I was finally ready
To be the blogger behind Megan Spotted

Beat and rhyme adapted from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Lyrics

Family and friends know that I love to sing and make up my own lyrics to popular songs! I also enjoy DIY projects, party planning and enjoying life.  I hope you SPOT something on this blog that inspires you to create more, love more or laugh more.  Enjoy!

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