Bedroom Inspiration: Benches

4th March 2015

Last week I gave you a little peek inside our master bedroom renovations.  Now that the renovations have started and progress can be seen it is time to make decorating decisions. Deciding how we want to decorate and furnish the space is the fun part for me so I am looking forward to it.

One of the first decorating decisions we have made is that we want a bench at the foot of our bed. Right now we have an old chair in our room that we use to sit on to put on our shoes. Replacing the chair with a bench will be a fun and modern way to have this getting ready space updated in our new room!

We still haven’t decided if we are going to turn this into a DIY project for the new space or if we are going to purchase a bench.  I have compiled options in both categories to help us with our decision making.   Check them out below.
www.meganspotted.comtop left >> top right >> bottom left >> bottom right

www.meganspotted.comtop left >> top right >> bottom left >> bottom right

Which one is your favorite? Help us make the decision in the comments below!

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